WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Results And Highlights


Royal Rumble 2018 Full Of Thrills 30 Men Match

Royal Rumble 2018 Results: This was the 30 men 1 champion match of the Royal Rumble 2018, in which the wrestler who survived at the end in the ring was the champion. Firstly, in the ring Finn Balor entered and after that the entry of The Rusev in the ring. During the fight in the rings of these three, The Best Rhyno got entry into the ring.

During the fight between these three, Baron Corbian’s entry was made in the ring and as soon as he entered the ring with the angry look, he thrashed three wrestlers one by one and threw them out of the ring and before reaching the ring eliminates the Heath Slater.

Elias, Bray Wyatt and New Day Entry

After this, Elias took entry with the guitar After Elias, Bray Wyatt and New Day took an entry in the ring and all the wrestlers fight with each other. The thrill of this match was getting low that, Sheamus took the entry in the ring, but Heath Slater emulated him as soon as he reached the ring.

Nakamura Cesaro and Rollins Entry

Nakamura’s has entry as 14th Wrestler in ring and with this, a tremendous fight was seen in the ring, Nakamura started banging everyone, one by one. After that, Cesaro also entered the ring as the 15th Wrestler. After that the entry of the Maharaja and Seth Rollins was signed. But soon the Maharaja, Rusev and New Day team went out.

John Cena Enter With Never Give Up

After this, John Cena took the entry in the ring with Never Give Up. As soon as he came in the ring, handkerchief, T-shirt and cap throw at fans and went straight into the ring and fight with Nakamura and Rollins. After that, the sound of The Miz, Rey Mysterio and Goldust’s entry was done.

When taking an entry into the ring, Roman made the target to Miz and threw him out of the ring, only then his friends saved him from being eliminated, but Roman was given with Rollins of his shield friend and both of them together throw out the Miz, but the Romans betrayed Rollins and eliminate them the next moment.

6 Wrestlers In The Ring

At the end of the match, only 6 wrestlers were left in the ring, with Finn Balor, Randy Orton, John Cena, Roman Nakamura and Ray Mirsterio, but Nakamura and Finn Balor were eliminated from the ring respectively, eliminating Orton and Mircherio.

Finn Balor looked quite aggressive after just 4 wrestlers in the ring, before they hit Cena and Roman before and then Nakamura, but only then Cena picked them up and eliminate them out of the ring and Roman started putting their finishing move. But the same time Nakamura interrupted and eliminates John Cena from ring by giving a fantastic kick.

Nakamura And Romans Are Left At The End

Now Nakamura and Romans had the chance to become a winner of the Royal Rumble 2018, the Roman try to eliminate to Nakamura, but Roman failed to defeat the Nakamura, Nakamura giving a kick and thrown Roman out of the ring, and become the new Royal Rumble 30 men’s champion.

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