WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Prediction,Time And Live Streaming


Who Will Win Elimination Chamber? Who Will Face Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania?

Elimination Chamber 2018 T-Mobile Arena will be held from Las Vegas, Nevada on February 25, 2018, and will be the last stop of the Red Brand before WrestleMania. WWE has announced two chamber matches, which include the first Women’s Elimination Chamber match. However, all would like to see who will register their name in the main event by challenging the The Beast Incarnate in Wrestlemania.

Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, John Cena, Elias and The Miz, have already registered their name in this historic match, the last one is empty which is between next week between Finn Bálor, Matt Hardy, Bray Wyatt and Apollo Crews the Fatal 4-Way match will be given to the winner. This match is of great importance because it could be the last chance to challenge Brock Lesnar in a Superdome for a star like the Finn Bálor.

Here Are 6 Superstars Who Will Enter Chamber. Let’s Look At Their Possibilities Of Winning:

#6 The MIZ

‘A-Lister’ is an unprecedented performer and he still recruits himself in a new fashion, but his chances of winning this match are very few. In the Elimination Chamber, they have been included to get the initial PIN, and if WWE tries to present many stories during this match, then it may work in their favor. If the Finn Bálor pins the ‘Awesome One’ then it will speed up the Bálor, but a blockbuster feed for Intercontinental champion in Wrestlemania can also be started.

It is being speculated that these two superstars will face each other in ‘The Show of Shows’ and Demon will get a chance to shine once more.

The MIZ Chance to Win: Very Low

#5 Elias

Because of his ability and his miracle personality in the ring, Elias has made place in the fans hearts. He will definitely steal Spotlight from many superstars in 2018 and despite the most entertaining performer on the Red Brand, the chances of winning his chamber are quite low.

Elias Chance to Win: Quite low

#4 Braun Strowman

The Monster Among Men is the biggest star of Monday Night Raw and he has done everything to entertain fans on their behalf, and whoever tried to obstruct his path, he has compromised them. In the match that contains Braun Strowman, he remains dominating in that match, and he is definitely going to be seen as a legitimate threat in T-Mobile Arena.

Braun Strowman Chance to win: Medium

# 3 John Cena

John Cena will make every effort to challenge the man for the Universal Championship, who had embarrassed him some years ago at SummerSlam. John is a WWE poster boy and that’s why he has a great chance to win this match, but we do not think he will become the number one contributor to the Universal Championship in T-Mobile Arena.

Rumors are coming out that ‘The Franchise’ will face Undertaker in WrestleMania and this is the best time for WWE to pursue this hostility, where Undertaker will stop to John Cena from making history in WrestleMania. We feel that after eating the chokeslam from Undertaker, Fin Bálor Pin to ‘The Franchisee’.

John Cena Chances of winning: Strong

#2 Fin Bálor

If there is someone who deserves a legitimate right to face ‘The Beast Incarnate‘ for the Universal Championship in Wrestlemania, then it is a Fin Bálor. They have been ignored and they became directionless in 2017. He was inducted into disappointing fights, which reduced his main event performers. Well, since this is the WrestleMania season, WWE will try to accelerate the speed before ‘The Showcase of the Immortals‘.

They will definitely win this match next week with a good performance on the Fatal 4-Way match at the RAW and keep a big burden on their shoulders in the T-Mobile Arena. WWE should book Fin to eliminate John Cena from this match, which can give them a lot of speed. We hope that ‘demon’ will enter the Chamber for the first time and before this match ends, an extraordinary performance will be eliminated.

Fin Bálor Chance to Win: Too Much

#1 Roman Reigns

As far as the argument is concerned, two superstars, who are entitled to challenge for the Universal Championship, are Fin Bálor and Roman Reigns. ‘The Big Dog‘ defeated Bray Wyatt on Monday and confirmed his place in the Elimination Chamber match. Many fans want to see the Bálorin challenging Brock’s title in Wrestlemania, but things are never in their hands and it is almost certain that The Big Dog will win this match.

Booking this match of WWE makes sense because he wants to give a big push to the Roman and by winning this match, he will be able defeat The Beast on ‘The Show of Show’. We think that Roman will clash with their opponents and they will be victorious in this match by crushing their hopes.

Roman Reigns Chance To Win: Excellent

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Match Card

Men’s Elimination Chamber Match (Winner to fight with Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at WrestleMania)

Elimination Chamber 2018 Time And Date

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 on Sunday, February 25 and the event’s start time is 8pm ET.

Elimination Chamber 2018 Live Streaming

The main show will telecast live from 5:30 am IST onward.

Date Time Day TV Channel
Live Telecast 25-Feb 5.30 AM Monday Ten 2/ Ten 2 HD
Repeat Telecast 25-Feb 6:00 PM Monday Ten 1/ Ten 1 HD
Repeat Telecast 27-Feb 9:00 PM Wednesday Ten 1


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