Usain Bolt – The World’s Fastest Runner Could not Complete his Last Race


Don Bradman, Rahul Dravid Kumar Sangakkara and many other such great players who could not get a decent farewell in the last match. Something like happened with Usain Bolt the fastest runner in the world. In the world Athletics Championships in London, on Saturday, when he came to race in a four-fold four hundred meter race, the eyes of the world were gazing at him. But 8 Olympic gold medalists Bolt could not complete the last race of his career.
There is no doubt that he is still the fastest runner in the world, but in the end it was not like the royal leader, who was never called a losing person. The last race proved like a terrible dream. During the race, suddenly a cramp came on his left foot and he fell on the track. As soon as he fell, the King’s farewell became a routine. The stadium was completely peaceful. Believe every audience present there is bolt by itself and he is lost.
Great Britain won the gold medal of four times four hundred meters with 37.47 seconds. The silver medal was achieved by the US with 37.52 seconds. Japan was successful in capturing bronze medal with 38.04 seconds. Jamaica could not do that either team India defeated the West Indies for the Sachin Tendulkar, called the God of Cricket.

When the king fell on the track, the king of the speed started to suffer pain

Usain Bolt - The World's Fastest Runner Could not Complete his Last Race
No one has still thought in his dream that the emperor of speed will depart from him like this from Bolt’s track. They were ready to take part in the 4×100 meter race. This was the last race of his international career. The stadium was also the same as the last time he made a golden hat-trick. He started beton and started running with his partner that suddenly the foot was stabbed. Bolt started moaning with pain. His eyes filled with eyes. The entire stadium was frozen. Why not do that? They were running the last race of their lives. He wanted to make it a memorable one of his crores of fans around the world maybe the above person was not accepted.
Another chapter of athletic world ended. Bolt will never be seen running on the professional track after today. The 8-time Olympic winner’s departure was not the way he probable his fiance. The last race could not complete it and Janki’s team had to face defeat.

Personal information

Usain Bolt - The World's Fastest Runner Could not Complete his Last Race
Full name Usain St Leo Bolt
Nickname(s) Lightning Bolt
Nationality Jamaican
Born 21 August 1986 (age 30)
Residence Kingston, Jamaica
Height 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in)
Weight 94 kg (207 lb)
Sport Track and field
Event(s) Sprints
Club Racers Track Club

Achievements and Titles

Personal Bests

Event Time (seconds) Venue Date Records
100 metres 9.58 Berlin, Germany 16 August 2009 WR
150 metres 14.35 Manchester, United Kingdom 17 May 2009 World best
200 metres 19.19 Berlin, Germany 20 August 2009 WR
300 metres 30.97 Ostrava, Czech Republic 27 May 2010
400 metres 45.28 Kingston, Jamaica 5 May 2007
4 × 100 metres relay 36.84 London, England 11 August 2012 WR

Emperor of the Athletics track lasting 9 years

This time he had come to join in two events. Justin Gatlin left him behind in 100 meters. Four times the left foot left behind in 100 meters.
In 2008, Bolt came in the Olympic Arena, as well as feeling. He was the Beijing Olympic Here he won three gold it is a different matter that afterwards a gold of them was snatched from them because their fellow athlete had failed in the dope test. But next 8-9 years after Beijing, Bolt’s empire was seen.


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