IPL 2018 Theme Song Launches


IPL Theme Songs: The Indian Premier League (IPL) launches its theme (Theme Song) for the 11th season of 2018. This theme has been made on the lines of the popular song ‘Yeh Desh Veer Jawano Ka, Albelo Ka Mastano Ka’, of the film ‘Naya Daur’. This theme is start like – Ye Khel Hai Sher Jawano Ka’.

This theme has been released in five languages. Which includes Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada and Telugu? It is being widely publicized on TV, radio and digital media. It is known that the first IPL match will be played between the current champions Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings on 7 April.

Let us know that this theme was created jointly by BCCI and Star India. The song has been named ‘Best Versus Best’. It has been tried to tell that in this tournament, the best teams play against each others. In making the song, South Africa’s film maker Dan Mess, music director Rajiv Bhalla has contributed. The song is sung by Siddharth Basrur in five languages.

BCCI Chief Executive Rahul Johri said, “There is lot of thrill in the IPL where there is a huge crowd and the best talent is face-to-face in this tournament. Best Versus Best reflects the feeling that is linked to this game.


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