IPL 2018 Opening Ceremony


Hollywood Celebrities To Cheer In IPL 2018 Opening Ceremony

IPL 2018: Global superstars performing on IPL 2018 Opening Ceremony this year, the IPL T20 league chairman Rajeev Shukla said that in this regard, he is also talking to the artists of many other countries, including the US, in this regard. The 11th season of the IPL will be played from April 7 to May 27 this year, while its opening ceremony will be held in Mumbai on April 6, which is being tried to make it grand and memorable. In an interview, Shukla said, “The opening ceremony will be grand. Last time the ceremony was performed at every place, but this time only one place will be in Mumbai, but it will be of great and grand. From pop stars Katy Perry and Lady Gaga to rock legend Bryan Adams not to forget the likes of Pitbull and Akon, the IPL 2018 Opening Ceremony has been a glitzy affair.

IPL Governing Council Decided To Increase The Budget

The 11 edition of the IPL 2018 will be limited to having just a single opening ceremony 2018 unlike last year where one was held in each of the eight home venues of the franchises. The BCCI have by now allocated a budget of Rs 50 crore-augmented from the Rs 30 crore laid out for the last edition which was divided between the 8 centers-for what they imagine to be a grand opening ceremony on April 6, one day before the first match of the IPL 2018 tournament in Mumbai.

IPL Council To Relook At New Timing

Shukla soon clarified that decision has not been taken to change the timing of IPL matches and on this, the IPL Governing Council will take a decision within a week. The Star Sports had broadcaster of IPL have proposed to push the 4 pm game to a 5.30 pm start and by bring forward the 8 pm game to 7 pm “The decision has not been decided on changing the IPL matches timing,” he said. This kind of proposal came from the publishers and it is talking to all the stakeholders including the franchisee. It will be decided within a week.’

Broadcasting In Australia and New Zealand

Rajiv Shukla said that IPL 2018 will be broadcast in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand, and it will be broadcast in four regional languages ​​other than English. He said, “This time the broadcast will be on 12 channels. In addition to English, it will also be broadcast in four regional languages ​​Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu. Efforts are being made to reach more and more countries abroad. There is no broadcast in Australia and New Zealand right now, but from this time cricket lovers will also be able to enjoy the IPL. This is the plan to present the previous effort to include the audience in a more sophisticated way to the decision taken by the third umpire.

IPL 2018 To Start On April 7

The Indian Premier League 2018 (IPL) will be scheduled from 7 April to 27 May with the tournament opener and final to be played in Mumbai, the IPL Governing Council announced on Monday.

The opening ceremony will be held in Mumbai on April 6.

Broadcaster Star Sports’ request, the IPL Governing Council has also allowed a shift in timings of the matches. The 8pm game will now begin at 7pm while the 4pm start has now been pushed to 5.30pm. “The Star Sports has requested for change in timings. It gets too late in the night if the game starts at 8pm,” said IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla after the Governing Council meeting here.

The 4pm game will now be played at 5.30pm. There will be an overlap but the broadcaster says it has enough channels to show the games simultaneously,” Shukla said further.


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