Interesting Feuds In WrestleMania 34


5 Interesting Feuds That We Can Find In Wrestle Mania 34

The time of WrestleMania is coming closer, but its preparations are not fast enough. WWE Universe has already started estimating the main event of WrestleMania 2018. We all know the consequences of defeat of The Beast at the hands of The Big Dog.  Assigning the biggest title of your main show to a wrestler who sometimes appears on TV, many did not like it, and this decision has been criticized too. But Brock Lesnar’s defeat at the hands of Roman Reigns on the WrestleMania platform will be liked by everyone. Roman Reigns is very hard working and are also entitled to this prize.

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

 At WrestleMania’s stage, this match is most likely to happen. This will be the main event of WrestleMania and here we will talk about ways to make this match interesting. The first condition is that the shield should not be broken till that time, and the Roman Reigns should stop their Partners from interfering in the match to win the match on their own.
But then Shield should interfere in the match and when it appears that they are turning on Roman Reigns then they should attack Brock Lesnar together. With this help win The Big Dog Title. Nobody expected anyone about Heal Turn of Reigns on WrestleMania’s stage. This way WWE can also secure Lesnar if he is going to step up the deal with them.

Kurt Angle Vs Samoa Joe

In this list, we are again referring to the Olympic Hero. If his match is not possible with Shane McMahon, then this is the second best option for him. If you have seen Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe’s Matches on TNA, then you can understand why we have included this match here.
It started with the ghosts Samoa, which can be done with Brock Lesnar demanding their rematch, after which they turn on the Kurt Angle.  The return to Kurt Angle’s ring at WrestleMania would be special, but the situation became such that in which Angle Vince McMahan had to open his cards early. It was a huge move that had to be run on a small pay-per-view instead of the biggest platform of wrestling.
When Kurt Angle rings to fight in the ring, the audience will be excited to see them. Because of this, his match against Samoa on WrestleMania will be special. 

Kevin Owens Vs Triple H

The enmity between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon is not over yet, and if the team does not become part of SmackDown for the Kevin Owens Survivor Series, then this hostility can be a bad answer. WWE should take advantage of this opportunity to take the hostility between them forward. Ovens can make a ruckus in SmackDown to protest their opposition.
After that Triple H comes forward to handle all things, but Owens will not listen to them and attack them. Who is better than King of Kings to teach Owens a lesson?
Triple H had come to fight with Rusev at the live event in Chile. So, we should not be surprised if they come in the form of blue brand of blue brand. We will see something new from this match and both of them will be good debate.

A.J. Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Styles vs Nakamura is a dream match and since the arrival of both the main roster, viewers want to see this match happening. So far the way Shinsuke Nakamura has been handled, for WrestleMania, he desperately needs a good fiddle.
Styles should become a champion by defeating Jinder Mahal at the Royal Rumble or earlier in the PPV Mania. Along with this Nakamura should win the Royal Rumble and then the right foundation for the WrestleMania match can be kept. The match between the two is a strong contender for “Match of the Year“.

Kurt Angle Vs Shane McMahon

In 2001, there was a memorable match between Kurt Angle, the current General Manager of RAW and Shane McMahon, the current Commissioner of SmackDown. SmackDown has given seeds of these Feuds from RAW invoice. Although I would like to see Daniel Bryan in place of Shane here, but this is not possible.
There are a lot of restrictions in today’s wrestling and considering the age of both the wrestlers, we cannot expect a match like 2001 here. But I hope Angle will be ready to face big injuries here. Shane also raises a lot of risk and so can both give us a great match here.


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