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World Cup Tickets To Argentina From Messi’s Magnificent Hat-Trick 

At the star player Lionel Messi, Argentina defeated Ecuador in the World Cup qualifier and entered the FIFA World Cup 2018 tournament. In the match played at the South American Zone on Tuesday night, Argentina defeated Ecuador 3-1 to prove once again why it is Argentina’s superstar.

Match Summary

It is worth mentioning that for the first time since 1970, the Argentineans, facing the danger of being out of the World Cup, had to fight against Ecuador on Tuesday night in Quito or face the World Qualifier. But Argentina’s hero Messi showed his best performance in this difficult situation and scored three goals. In the very first minute after the start of this match Renato Ibarra opened an account for Ecuador. However, it was the first and last goal to be clubbed in this match by the club.
After that, Messi open Argentina’s account in the 12th minute to score a score of 1-1. Messi scored another goal in the 20th minute to give Argentina the lead, in the second half, Argentina did not allow Ecuador to score goals with good deficit, and in the meantime, Messi completed his hat-trick in the 62nd minute. With this victory, Argentina confirmed its place in World Cup 2018.
Two-time world champion Argentina has been ranked third in 10 teams South American Group. Brazil, Uruguay and Columbia have already qualified from this group, while the Peruvian Oceania champion has reached the playoff against New Zealand. Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli praised this tremendous performance of his team, saying that today Argentina has taken a big step. We are confident that we will now make good preparations in the remaining time and present a strong challenge in Russia.

Qualified For World Cup 2018

Argentina has qualified for the Football World Cup 2018. Thanks to the hat-trick of star player Lionel Messi in the match against Ecuador, Argentina won 3-1 and confirmed the position in the World Cup in Russia next year. Argentina started the tournament with a sixth-place finish. The top four teams here qualify for the World Cup while the fifth is to play the play-off against New Zealand. But with this victory, it was decided that Argentina remained at number three and has confirmed its place with Uruguay, Colombia and Brazil (already qualified).
Peru will have to play in the play-off instead of Chile next month. Chile has gone out of the tournament. Estadio Alberto J. on Thursday night in Buenos Aires. The World Cup Qualifier match between Peru and Argentina in the Armando Stadium was drawing 0-0. The Argentine team, who won the World Cup title twice, had to win in the World Cup qualifier match played against Ecuador in order to retain the hopes of entering the World Cup. If Messi does not have magic, then since 1970, this is the first time that Argentina’s team could not play in the World Cup.

Star Player Lionel Messi

Star Player Lionel MessiMessi says that his team got what he was capable of. According to the news agency Xinhua, Argentina won the World Cup qualifying for the World Cup by defeating Ecuador 3-1 on the basis of hatrick, who was goal by Messi in the World Cup Qualifier match played on Tuesday night. After the match, Messi told reporters, “If Argentina can not qualify for the World Cup, the situation is bad. People raised many questions on the team, but with this match, we proved that we are capable of qualifying in the World Cup.

Messi said, “Everyone knows how many problems we have faced in order to enter the World Cup. We have to enjoy this moment now and keep ourselves calm, because to play in the tournament we have a long way to go. We know that we can do even better. “Argentine Coach George Sampoli said that before the match, he told Messi to inspire the team-mates of the team.


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