9 Biggest Mistakes At WWE Royal Rumble 2018


WWE Royal Rumble: The Royal Rumble of this year was good compared to the last several years. Whether it is the 30 main battles royal, or the first royal match of women’s wrestlers, all of them make this year’s show the most memorable.

Now since it was all good, this does not mean that there was no mistake. The name of the event is not to be corrected by Jerry Lawler, and the moment when Strowman stifles Lesnar. He had to suffer even the slightest of them. The end of the show is with Ronda Rousey’s Surprise Entry. In the fallout of this show, WWE will get a lot of media hype, but today we talk about the mistakes that happened on this show.

When Bobby Roode was fighting with the Mojo Rawley at the first kickoff show, It was not a mistake to reply Mojo Rawley to the US title’s Open Challenge, rather it was possible. When this mistake happened, Bobby was covering his head with Rawley’s head with trunk. After that he took them for his DDT but could not get the eligulation, due to which he got normal DDT. Until Tom Phillips questioned it, the referee had 3 counters.

Last Ric Flair Match

WWE and KFC launched an ad campaign in which Famous Wrestlers used to be Colonel Sanders, and the WWE wanted to shoot a colonel Rumble in an attempt to improve it. Ric Flair, who came to Eliminate Miz and Rusev.  Now it is not official but it will be considered Rick’s last match. Earlier, his last match was with Shawn Michaels, his match which was for Flair’s Retirement.

How do you stop Brock?

When the universal match going out of the ring and Strowman had dropped Brock Lesnar from the steel steps, then Michael Cole said how could somebody stop them?

Responding to his point, Corey Graves, who thought that Michael was saying this about Strowman. After that Michael corrected his mistake.

Torrie needed help

Torrie Wilson looked in incredible when she came at the 25th Anniversary of Raw, so it only made sense that she would be a surprise entrant into the Women’s Royal Rumble. Sonya whipped Torrie into the corner, who tried to jump up and land her feet on her shoulders. Wilson didn’t quite get the height she wanted, so Deville struggled with her as she slowly got into proper form. From there, Sonya hoisted her over the top rope to the outer apron. After a brief scuffle, Torrie was knocked to the floor.

Strowman Pushed Himself Into The Table

At the beginning of the Universal match, Kane was on Strowman’s shoulders, but until he could give Kane a running power slam, Kane dropped out of his clutches and instead became stranger to him. Michael Cole also tried to cover this impact by saying that Strowman was absolutely ready for it.

Loosely locked-in head scissors

When kelly kelly entered the Women’s Royal Rumble match at number 19, she would not have thought that she would be competing with Michelle Mccool, Kelly applied a spinning head scissors to McCool, but failed to lock in the move initially then it would have been wrong to come to kelly Matt. Soon after, Natalia eliminated Michelle.

Do Not Stiff The Beast Incarnate

Now it was not supposed to be there but at one time in the Universal Titles match, Braun Strowman learned this lesson the hard way after accidentally striking the former UFC Heavyweight Champion with a knee to the side of his face. Brock looked like he was rocked for a moment, then got up and tagged Braun on the side of his skull.

No further instances of real strikes happened after this quick sequence, so the monsters must have gotten this out of their system and moved on.


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